The devastating impact of COVID-19 has left many industries crippled, with the far reaching effects filtering to every corner of our economy. Real estate rentals is one such industry now desperately seeking amicable solutions to ensure tenants can stay in their homes and landlords aren’t unfairly left to carry a heavy financial burden. However, not every agency is in the same boat. Bell Estate Agents in Brisbane are a specialist property management company that has been confidently riding the COVID-19 wave, safe knowing that their regular due diligence and attention to detail has protected both them and their landlords during these tough times.

For too long, property management has been seen as the cash cow for sales agencies biding their time until they can sell the property. As a result, their level of care and attention to detail often reflects this lackadaisical approach, now leaving them and their clients exposed and vulnerable. Many are now leaving their landlords to fend for themselves against opportunistic tenants and unsympathetic lending agencies, putting a huge amount of pressure on what is already a stressful situation. Bell Estate Agents do things differently. With their primary focus being to grow and protect your real estate investments, they make no secret of the fact that they put landlords first and have been personally managing all negotiations on their behalf.

Jonathan Bell, Managing Director of Bell Estate Agents has built his business by sticking to several fundamental principles of property management and surrounding himself with a high quality team of industry professionals who are always on hand to support their property owners. As a result, Bell Estate Agents only have 2.2% of tenants who have requested relief during this unprecedented crisis. They’ve achieved this due to the comprehensive risk analysis completed on all tenants prior to their placement and taking the time to build up trusting relationships with both tenants and landlords. Bell Estate Agent’s due diligence prior to and during this difficult period has seen a large spike in new landlords seeking a greater level of care for their properties and their process for relief implementation has ensured that only those who truly require it, receive it.     

With several key fundamentals in place, Bell Estate Agent’s landlords can be confident that their tenants and their properties will be in the best position to ride out any future crises. Their landlords all have a great relationship with their primary point of contact, knowing that support and advice is only a short phone call away. When it comes to one of your biggest financial investments, it is comforting to know that you’re well protected.

Sue Mitchell – “I feel much more confident knowing that Bell Estate Agents are now handling my properties.”

Jonathan Bell saw an unmissable gap in the market when he debuted his real estate career and has since carved out a niche service designed solely for the benefit of real estate investors. Bell Estate Agents level of service hasn’t been diluted under the weight of a large brand and they’re not driven by the prospect of future sales. If you expect a higher level of service from your property manager and wish to be reassured that your investment is in the very best hands, then call Jonathan Bell today.