Bell Estate Agents are South East Queensland’s fastest growing property management specialists.

We provide exceptional property management expertise and guarantee to achieve the very best rental returns, protection and growth for your real estate investments. Whether you already have a healthy property portfolio or are a first time investor, Bell Estate Agents are committed to driving your investment property success.

Jonathan Bell – Director

0432 692 881


More about Jonathan Bell

Working in the real estate industry since the age of 16 has fostered Jonathan’s strong passion for property. Coupled with his natural ambition and unrelenting drive for success, Jonathan Bell is proud to be Managing Director of Bell Estate Agents, South East Queensland’s fastest growing property management company.

Jonathan attended St Joseph’s Nudgee College in Brisbane, followed by Queensland University of Technology where he completed his degree in business management, majoring in economics. As a promising young tennis player and entrepreneur, Jonathan credits much of his current success to the influence and guidance of his sporting and business mentors who taught him the values of resilience, dedication and strategic thinking.

Jonathan doesn’t do things by halves, holding himself and his team to a very high standard. It was this approach and work ethic that led him to realise and capitalise on a huge gap in the market for quality property management. Having set a new standard in real estate asset management, Jonathan quickly earned a strong reputation as a reliable and proactive property manager who genuinely improves the prospects of all properties within his remit.

Jonathan prides himself on being Bell Estate Agent’s primary contact. Specialising in property portfolio growth, executive rentals and local real estate trends, Jonathan and the entire Bell Estate Agents team are the only people you should be entrusting to care for your investment properties.

Madi Tucker – Operations Manager

0451 362 881


More about Madi Tucker

Madison is an accomplished Operations Manager, with a strong passion for customer service and problem solving. Madi works tirelessly to deliver outstanding results for her team and our clients through forward-thinking conflict resolution and reliable, professional service.

Having worked in the industry for 9 years, Madi is a well-rounded agent who has developed knowledge, skills and understanding that result in her achieving the best outcomes for her clients and tenants. She enjoys the emotional aspect of real estate and finds that interacting with people every day keeps the job fresh and exciting.

Growing up in a family that worked in real estate, Madison has been bred into the industry and obtained her first real estate role at the young age of 16, already prepared due to her knowledge of the industry passed down from her parents and grandparents. Her father, Dene Tucker (Former General Manager of Harcourts Queensland, and current General Manager of Re/Max Auction Services Australasia) worked alongside Madi for a number of years to ensure her understanding of the industry was above parr.

Madi decided to join the Bell Estate Agents team in early 2020 because she was impressed with the level of customer service that we were offering our clients, and believed that our procedures and attitude towards property management were ahead of the rest of the industry.

Madi spend her time monitoring quality of work within the business, managing the team, ongoing training and support, and assisting Jonathan with business-related tasks.

You will likely cross paths with Madi during the ongoing management of your property, or when issues are escalated to a managerial position within the business. 

Casey Brittain – Associate Director

0451 521 477


More about Casey Brittain

Casey Brittain works alongside Jonathan Bell to assist our clients with the development of their property portfolios. 

Casey attended Saint Joseph’s Nudgee College and was a member of the Brisbane Lion’s Academy for 3 years, acting as a reserve player during this time.

Casey was introduced to the property industry through university when he and Jonathan studied together at QUT, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Property Economics. Casey began his career in property working in the finance and property division at Energex, where he was able to gain an understanding of the vital parts of owning a property and specialising in unique parts of property that are typically not known by your typical real estate agent. Casey saw an opportunity to assist landlords more directly by applying his knowledge in finance and property economics to a more direct position in a landlord’s investment property journey, which brought him to Bell Estate Agents in 2021. 

Like Jonathan, Casey could see a clear lack of exceptional client service in the property management industry, and took the opportunity to join our team in 2021 to change the game. Casey’s hard-working and opportunistic nature makes him the perfect property liaison, and he strives to provide an exceptional level of customer service and knowledge-base to all of our clients. Casey’s main focus at Bell is to work alongside Jonathan to increase our client’s rental yields and help to create further opportunities for our clients.

You will likely cross paths with Casey during the onboarding of your property, and when in contact with Jonathan Bell.

Megan Reaburn – Senior Property Manager

0451 612 881


More about Megan Reaburn

Megan has been appointed as a Senior Property Manager at Bell Estate Agents. Megan believes that creating and nurturing strong relationships with clients is the foundation of any successful business. Megan understands the need for personal yet professional communication in this fast-paced industry and thrives off of the energetic environment that Bell Estate Agents offers.

Megan has completed a Bachelor of Communications Majoring in Public Relationships at the University of Queensland. Megan has a talent in communication and being able to build relationships which landlords, tenants, trades people and every body in between. Megan has 9 years’ experience in both Australia and London, where she worked for 2 years after graduating University. Having worked with various different people from different backgrounds, Megan understands there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach to Property Management and enjoys learning and adapting to cater to client’s needs.

Megan has an energetic yet professional outlook on property management and is a natural problem solver. Megan is a very strong, driven and independent person who enjoys maximising landlords returns. Megan is genuinely passionate about property and property management and was excited to join a specialist in the field who have a very strong reputation for delivering landlords the best results in Brisbane.

Megan holds herself to the highest standard and believes surrounding yourself with like-minded, hardworking individuals breeds success. It is for this reason that Megan joined Bell Estate Agents in March 2021 and is excited to continue ‘wowing’ clients with the team.

Megan spends her time managing her portfolio and building relationships with her landlords and tenants.

You will likely cross paths with Megan during the ongoing management of your property.

Kayla Johnson – Senior Property Manager

0405 857 426


More about Kayla Johnson

Kayla is an accomplished Senior Property Manager who has had over 5 years’ experience in the industry learning the ropes under the wing of one of Brisbane’s leading real estate agencies. Kayla began her real estate journey working as a receptionist, and quickly progressed into a full time leasing position where she learned the art of listing and leasing properties. Her refined skills awarded her a promotion into property management where she was able to help her landlords not only achieve a fantastic leasing outcome, but also ensure a quality service was provided during the lease. 

During her free time Kayla spends lots of time at the gym, playing with her dog or spending time with friends. Kayla is also a homeowner, so she understands first-hand what is required to be a landlord.

Kayla has previously won multiple Customer Service awards in her previous roles and receives consistent positive feedback from her existing clients. Kayla’s approachable and vibrant energy makes working alongside her a rewarding experience. Kayla is an expert in inner-city rentals and has demonstrated skills in conflict management and communication. 

Kayla spends her time managing her portfolio and building relationships with her landlords and tenants.

You will likely cross paths with Kayla during the ongoing management of your property.

Maggie Gabriel – Property Manager

0420 580 141


More about Maggie Gabriel

Maggie is an experienced property management specialist with a demonstrated expertise in customer service and organisation. 

Maggie began her career in Real Estate in 2017 in Reception, and worked her way into Leasing and then Property Management. Maggie has spent the past 5 years expanding her knowledge of the industry and fine tuning her skills to ensure the best possible experience for both landlord and tenant. In her past 5 years in real estate, Maggie has worked alongside one of the best agents in North Queensland.

Maggie joined our team in 2021 after migrating to Brisbane from Rockhampton. Her experience managing properties and tenancies of all shapes and sizes has given Maggie experience in the industry that would usually only be had over decades of working in the industry. Her commitment to her landlords and unique skills and experiences make Maggie the perfect property manager.

Maggie is a valued member of the Bell Estate Agents team and brings an abundance of professionalism and positivity to our office.

Maggie spends her time managing her portfolio and building relationships with her landlords and tenants.

You will likely cross paths with Maggie during the ongoing management of your property.

Mel Eglington – Senior Property Manager

0451 467 130


More about Mel Eglington

Melissa is a Senior Property Manager who has recently relocated to Brisbane from ACT, where she was a property manager to some of our well-known politicians, working for one of Australia’s biggest real estate agencies. 

Mel has extensive knowledge and training on how to manage high-end clients given her experience in ACT and is well-equipped to handle all challenges that you can face in Property Management. 

Mel is a soft spoken, gentle soul with an ability to handle disputes with ease. Her extensive property management experience and kind nature makes her the perfect property manager.

Mel has also had extensive training in managing the increase in rents since the ACT market increased well before Brisbane’s market, and her demonstrated ability to achieve higher rents without compromising the relationship with tenants is impressive to say the least.

In her spare time Mel spends a lot of time building creative skills and spending time with her family.

At Bell Estate Agents, Mel spends her time managing her portfolio and building relationships with her landlords and tenants.

You will likely cross paths with Mel during the ongoing management of your property.

Bridgitte Nelson – Leasing Manager

0405 867 417


More about Bridgitte Nelson

Bridgitte is a knowledgeable leasing agent who has an impressive history of customer service and adaptability skills. Having previously worked for herself in marketing and social media, she understands what it takes to succeed in any role and has an incredible work ethic. She consistently goes above and beyond for all of our clients and tenants to ensure that they are well taken care of. 

Bridgitte moved to Real Estate after COVID took a toll on the travel industry where she was working as a Flight Attendant. Bridgitte’s experience as a flight attendant prepared her well for the fast-paced and demanding schedule of the typical real estate agent and has been praised regularly since her journey with Bell on her 5-star service and ‘can do’ attitude.  

Bridgitte has demonstrated excellent customer service and time management within her role at Bell Estate Agents. She is able to complete all tasks to the highest level and consistently receives positive feedback from potential tenants, existing tenants and landlords regarding her exceptional knowledge and service.

In 2022, Bridgitte is moving into a managerial position within the leasing department to ensure that the highest level of customer service and care is provided to all who come across Bell Estate Agents in their property management journey. 

Bridgitte spends her time conducting leasing inspections, assisting the landlord with the leasing of their property and overseeing applications processing.

You will likely cross paths with Bridgitte during the leasing campaign.

Sarah Darveniza – Leasing Agent

0451 126 954


More about Sarah Darveniza

Sarah began her journey with Bell Estate Agents as our entry/exit inspections assistant and has since migrated to a Leasing Position. Her attention to detail and impeccable time management skills have proven to achieve fantastic results in leasing, new business and in reporting. 

 Sarah completed her school years at All Hallows’ School and during that time she received numerous commendations for excellence in things such as sport and academics. Sarah is also currently completing her Bachelor of Business & Communications Media at Queensland University of Technology. 

 After graduating high school, Sarah migrated to Canada and worked in hospitality at the Fairmont Hotel. During her time in Canada she learned the importance of connections and reputation which has helped her kickstart her career in real estate back in Brisbane. 

Sarah is working hard to grow her career in real estate and has a strong interest and passion in building and maintaining relationships and connections with tenants and landlords. Sarah strives to maintain a strong work ethic and friendly approach to all things. Sarah’s well-rounded knowledge and experience of the industry makes her a huge asset to our team, and puts our landlords in great hands during our leasing process. 

Sarah spends her time conducting leasing inspections, delegating and managing the leasing team’s administration tasks, and conducting entry/exit condition reports. 

You will likely cross paths with Sarah during the leasing campaign.

Lucy Thomson – Leasing Agent

0404 261 863


More about Lucy Thomson

Lucy is an experienced real estate agent with demonstrated skills in customer service, new business and leasing. Lucy has grown up in a family of well-known and successful sales agents in Brisbane, so her knowledge of the industry began at a very young age. Lucy spent part of her childhood helping her parents with their own sales campaigns, attending auctions, and learning about the ins and outs of real estate. 

Her impressive customer service skills and deep knowledge of the industry have helped her to excel in her field. Lucy began her real estate straight after high school, and began working as a sales assistant for a well-known real estate agency in Brisbane’s inner-North. Here, Lucy learned a range of invaluable skills with regards to client management, business development management, and listing campaigns both in sales and rentals. Her initial training was directed towards sales, so she has come into rentals with an unmatched level of customer service and delivers exceptional outcomes for her landlords and tenants every time.

Lucy is currently working as a Leasing Agent at Bell Estate Agents and has proven to be exceptional in her position. Lucy has been acknowledged by multiple tenants and landlords for her understanding and caring nature, and her eagerness to achieve positive results for each of her clients. Her loyalty and hunger to achieve a desired outcome during the leasing campaign has been unmatched in the industry.

Lucy spends her time conducting leasing inspections, conducting exit/entry condition reports, and conducting routine inspections.

You will likely cross paths with Lucy during the leasing campaign or during routine inspections.

Maddie Kelly – Receptionist

0451 521 477


More about Maddie Kelly

Maddie is an accomplished receptionist and front of house manager at Bell Estate Agents who focusses on client experience and management of the office, whilst working alongside the Director to provide a high quality experience for our tenants and landlords. 

Maddie recently changed career paths after working with Virgin Airways as an Air Hostess for a number of years. The strict company policies around punctuality and excellence have shaped Maddie into an incredibly reliable professional, and she takes pride in providing excellent customer service to all clients who phone or come into the office. 

Her excellent time management skills and reliability has made a great impact on our office.

Maddie spends her time at the front of the office, taking inbound calls to reception, managing our key system, and assisting Jonathan and Maddie with business-related tasks.

You will likely cross paths with Maddie on your move-in day or when you phone the office.

Nathan Stewart – Receptionist

0433 810 572


More about Nathan Stewart

Nathan is a part of our administration team and has demonstrated skills in customer service, client management and sales. Nathan relocated to Australia from United Kingdom prior to COVID with the goal to become a property manager. Prior to working in real estate, Nathan had various roles in personal and business banking, administration, and sales. Nathan was an influential part of his team at all of his previous workplaces because of his dedication to his clients and unmatched work ethic and desire to be the best at what he does. 

Nathan has a long-term goal of starting his own personal property portfolio and also owning and self-managing a portfolio of short-stay accommodations. 

Nathan spends his time at the front of the office, taking inbound calls at reception, managing our key system, and assisting the team with their tasks.

You will likely cross paths with Nathan while contacting or visiting our office, and he will certainly leave you well informed and understood. 


Kahli De Zolt – Junior Property Manager

0424 122 115


More about Kahli De Zolt

Kahli is our Junior Property Manager, and is currently training to take over her own portfolio. 

Kahli comes from a background in disability carer work. During her years as a disability carer, Kahli has adopted a very compassionate, patient and open-minded approach to life, giving her fantastic tools to use in her property management career.

Having heard great things about Bell Estate Agents through her family (who had appointed Bell Estate Agents to manage their property) Kahli chose to pursue her property career with Bell. 

Kahli spends her time conducting routine inspections, file collections, and assisting our Senior Property Managers with PM-related tasks, while also training to take over her own portfolio. 

You will likely cross paths with Kahli when a routine inspection is conducted, or during the ongoing management of your property or tenancy.

Katelin Currell – Senior Property Manager

0405 059 391


More about Katelin Currell

Katelin is an accomplished Senior Property Manager with almost a decade of property management experience under her belt. Katelin has been working in the industry for 8 years, starting off as an assistant PM and worked her way towards a Senior employee many years ago.

During her career she also studied and completed her Double Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Business Administration, majoring in marketing and management. The skills she learned through her studies and many years in the industry have built a strong foundation for her to excel in her position at Bell Estate Agents.

Katelin finds that her role in the industry is most rewarding when she is able to assist her clients to achieve the greatest outcome for their investment. Her love for customer service is evident in everything she does, and she is very much focussed on providing the best service and experience possible.

Katelin has had previous experience in operations, team management, business management and a multitude of senior responsibilities within the industry which has made her exceptionally capable of managing any and all situations with integrity, expertise and efficiency.

Katelin spends her time managing her portfolio and building relationships with her landlords and tenants.

You will likely cross paths with Katelin during the ongoing management of your property.

Hope Faulks – Senior Property Manager

0401 519 222


More about Hope Faulks

Working within the Business management & Customer service industry for the past 10 years, Hope is has an unmatched level of excellence in customer service, dispute resolution & client satisfaction. Hope has a dedicated working history in all facets of property management starting off as a property management assistant & working her way into a leasing manager role where she broke company records across the region, holding the record for most properties leased continuously during her employment. Hope’s real estate journey took her into business development where she worked closely with her sales team, prioritising relationship building, educating first time investors and providing advice on how to maximise the return on their investment. After a number of years, Hope jumped into a property management position where she managed a large portfolio of Executive listings, developers, multi landlords. Over the years, Hope has experienced all ends of property management & has a proven ability to exceed client expectations as well as training & mentoring junior staff members along the way.

Hope is a valued member of our team and has an excellent reputation within the industry. She has won more than a dozen industry awards throughout her career and has worked with some of the most well-known agencies in Australia.

Hope is also a homeowner and a devoted mother, which has helped her understand aspects of property ownership that others may not be familiar with. Her expertise and dedication to her career has proven to be most beneficial to her clients.

Hope spends her time managing her portfolio and building relationships with her clients.

You will likely cross paths with Hope during the ongoing management of your property.

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