Investing in Property 

Property is an investment strategy that can create financial success. 

Our network of property experts, financial planners and mortgage brokers are here to assist you throughout this process. 

Our experts will navigate you through the property investment essentials. For example; diversification, loan restructuring, tax depreciation and leveraging debt.

We discuss your preferred investment strategy and current financial position to ensure you select the right strategy!

Extensive research into location, demographic & rental returns are fundamental parts of finding your next investment.

As we all know, You make your money when you buy!



Research and preparation, including organising finance 


Highlight investment opportunities for the client 


Secure under market value investments in high growth suburbs for clients


Maximise return and/or rental yield


All investments, whether in property or other instruments, do involve some risk, and your capacity to control and mitigate that risk can decide whether you should be investing your money in property. 

Key factors to consider before purchasing;


  • Population & Infrastructure changes 

  • Vacancy Rates 

  • Supply & Demand 

  • Predicted Rental Return

  • Transport

  • Demographic of Tenants 


A successful property investment strategy that is adopted by Bell Estate Agents investors is acquiring property in suburbs that have the ingredients to see high growth in the coming 12 to 24 months. Purchasing properties with the ability to subdivide/develop and/or renovate are all strong ways to create instant equity in your investment property.


Achieving a positively geared property in high growth suburbs is a low risk and high reward investment strategy that we work to achieve for our investors. 

Bell Estate Agents investment consultants are supported by strong research and operational teams providing up to date research and exceptional customer care. We provide service 24/7 and will always answer your email, phone call or text message! In the unfortunate event that your personal circumstances change for the worse we have an integrated support system to ensure that your financial situation and property portfolio can stay as healthy as possible.

Our mission is to help each and every investor achieve their financial goals through property. 

Looking to buy an investment property?

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